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“This was such a great way to bring us all together."
- California Teachers Association

Some people don’t mix well at a mixer.
Some people don’t have the agility for a ropes course.
Some people don’t thrive at a standard work function, but they still want to be a part of the team.
We can help.
We design customized workshops that are fun and engaging for the WHOLE team.

By using simple improv exercises, we foster effective communication, dynamic collaboration, and purposeful connection.

“It transformed our team. I’m so glad we did this!”
- RMS Fundraising

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days. Because of that, workplace communication often suffers. Improv focuses on ACTIVE LISTENING and COLLABORATION which trains individuals to pay close attention, read body language, and WORK TOGETHER EFFECTIVELY. All of that directly translates to elevating workplace communication.

Improv is also great for team-building. Studies show that companies with strong teamwork are more AGILE, INNOVATIVE and ultimately more SUCCESSFUL. The problem is we’re working in increasing isolation. We are on different floors, in different departments, or we’re working from home—all of which has limited our interaction with one another. What companies have is a collection of talented individuals. What they are missing is an overarching sense of CONNECTION and COMMUNITY

That’s where we come in. 

We tailor improv exercises and group games specifically designed to transform a group of individuals into a COHESIVE and POWERFUL TEAM.



Team-Building Workshops


COMMUNICATION - Improv offers a dynamic way for teams to sharpen vital communication skills. Through active listening and non-verbal cues, teams enhance their communication and work more effectively toward shared objectives.

Benefits of Improv

ADAPTABILITY - Due to the nature of improv, exercises often involve rapid changes and unexpected situations, requiring participants to think on their feet and adapt quickly. This helps team members become more flexible and adaptable, allowing them to adjust quickly to unexpected challenges.

COLLABORATION - Team-building exercises emphasize collaboration and collective creativity. Participants learn to support each other's ideas and build on them. This cooperative mindset encourages ingenuity and helps teams work together more smoothly.

INNOVATION - Workshops encourage participants to think imaginatively, take risks, and discover more inventive solutions.  

CONNECTION - Through shared experiences, spontaneity and laughter, participants build camaraderie and trust—without the small talk.  


Boardroom, breakroom, or Swiss chalet—if you can get there, we can too!
No location is too remote for our facilitators.

Need something to show the rest of the team? 

If you don’t want to read, watch us tell you!

Why Improv?

“We had so much fun. I can’t believe how much it inspired us!”

- Macy Media

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